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Pastoral Counseling is the use of both Psychological and Theological Methods

to reach a deeper understanding of the client's needs. Cognitive Therapy is the Technique,

which allows the counselor to help the clients to understand their situations and the necessity of changes

to bring about balance in their lives.

Practice Concentration

Practice Concentration: Clergy, Business Professionals, Athletes and their Families.

Cognitive Therapy

Clients learn the necessity and the value of making significant changes in their thinking

and behavior. This is done through the evaluation of their belief systems


Services Offered

Counseling for Clergy, Professionals and their Families. Private or Group sessions held by telephone, or in office.

This is the opportunity for the Clergy to find complete confidence and let it go... It is time for you to let someone help you.

 Conflict Resolutions

People are taught how to settle their differences without letting it get out of control.

Individuals and groups learn how to come to a peaceful Win- Win Situation.


Small Group Therapy is useful for families and businesses to bring balance and solve conflicts.

Group Therapy
 Domestic Violence, 

We have programs for  Domestic Violence, Crisis Intervention, Substance Abuse, Marital Problems, Codependency and PTSD.

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